AMCOMP is dedicated to raising the bar for professionalism and educational excellence in the workers' compensation industry. Under the direction of our experienced and esteemed Board of Directors, AMCOMP delivers on this mission by holding professional conferences and through its certified Workers' Compensation Professional (WCP®) designation program. 


AMCOMP’s Principal Objectives
1. To maintain the integrity and degree of excellence in the field of workers' compensation by providing a professional designation (upon fulfillment of various criteria, including successful completion of a core curriculum and/or qualifying work experience) that will serve as an industry standard;

2. To further the education of all workers' comp professionals by providing relevant courses in the workers' compensation field of study and in related disciplines;

3. To maintain a current understanding of emerging trends and issues in the workplace and how they relate to the field of workers' compensation by means of newsletters, annual meetings, monographs, conferences and/or relevant seminars; and

4. To further ethical standards in the field of workers' compensation by establishing uniform guidelines and principles.